Kesava Deo Temple

Kesava Deo Temple Kesava Deo Temple is amongst one of the sacred Hindu religious places located near the main Krishna Janmabhoomi Complex in Mathura. This temple is blessed with the deity of Lord Krishna and is said that the original deity was first placed by Shri Bajranabh, the great grandson of Krishna.

One unique feature about this Krishna temple is that it has its own festival calendar and that all the functions are held within the premises. Besides, Kesava Deo Temple attracts a lot of Hindu pilgrims mainly for the unusual festival ritual of Lathmar Holi. Other popular festivals that are joyously celebrated here are Krishna Janmashtami and Chhappan Bhog.

While exploring Kesava Deo Temple, about 250 metres away, you may also find another small shrine with a similar name, ‘it claims to have seen and felt Lord Krishna’s presence.’ At this temple, you can even see different images of Vasudeva, Devaki, and four-armed Krishna.