Nidhivan Vrindavan

Nidhivan Vrindavan Nidhivan is one of the most significant and popular temples of Vrindavan. It is termed as madhuvan also. Mainly surrounded by trees where the branches are either tangled to the other trees or faced downwards, the locals believe them to be gopis, the queens of Sri Krishna. It is also said that as soon as the sun sets no one is allowed to stay back because Krishna and Radha along with the gopis perform Raas-Leela amid Nidhivan.

This religious place in Vrindavan that is prohibited to be visited in the evening because it is believed that whosoever enters the forest after sunset either goes blind, deaf or dumb, basically not in a condition to narrate the story, is thronged with devotees in the afternoon There are a few sightseeing places around Nidhivan like Rang Mahal, Lalitha Kund, Bansi Chori Radha Rani and some temples like Gita Mandir, Shahji Temple, Kalki Mandir and Swami Hari Das Temple.