Tour Mathura Vrindavan Nandgaon Gokul Raval Barsana Divya Desam 3 Night 4 Days

There are several temples dedicated to God Vishnu, Divya desam Temples are the 108 Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the works of the Tamil Azhvars (saints). “Divya” means “premium” and “Desam” indicates “place” (temple). Of the 108 temples, 105 are in India, one is in Nepal, and the last two are outside the Earthly realms. The last two are Thirupalkaddal and Paramapadam. Tirupalkaddal is the ocean of milk and Paramapadam is the Srivaikuntam where lord Narayana presides. In Tamil Nadu there are 84 Temple, Kerala also called Mala Nadu has 11 Temple , Andhra Pradesh 2 Temple , Uttar Pradesh has 4 Temple, Uttrakhand has 3 Temple, Gujarat has 1 Temple , Nepal 1 & Outside Earthly Realms are 2.

Daywise Itinerary Tour Mathura Vrindavan Nandgaon Gokul Raval Barsana Divya Desam 3 Night 4 Days

Day 01 – Receive in Delhi Airport – Proceed to Mathura – Night halt in Mathura / Vrindavan.

Day 02 – Early Morning start by 6.30 AM visit Dwarkadish temple, Vishram GHat , Shree Krishna Janma Bhoomi , Post Breakfast proceed to Gokul visit Naya Gokul and then visit Raman reti temple &, Chaurasi Khambha – Purana Gokul- one of the divya desam afternoon proceed to Vrindavan start around 3 Pm visit Govind Dev temple , Ranganathar temple – one of the divya desams – Rangamannar perumal , Nidhivan , Yamuna Ghat Krishna’s Home , Banke Bihari temple, Radha Vallabh temple –, Prem Mandir, Isckon Temple – Night halt in Vrindavan .

Day 03 – Morning proceed to Nandgaon visit Pavan Sarovar , Nand Gaon,Saran Padi ,Moti Kund ,Der Kadam ,Krishna Kund, Prem Sarovar,Kirti Mandir , move to Barsana ,Radha Rani Temple , post lunch proceed to Goverdhan , 3 hrs Parikarma by Electric Vehicle , Temple to visit in GOverdhan , Kusum Sarovar, Krishna’s step , Goaul Pakora, Mini Parikrama of Goverdhan , Manasi Ganga , Govind Kund, Punchari Ka Lautha, Uddhav Kund, Radha kund, Shyam Kund , Raghunath Das Goswami Samadhi – Return to Vrindavan - Night halt in Vrindavan .

Day 04 – Post breakfast check out and proceed back to Delhi Drop at Airportby evening for onward journey . Tour Ends

Kindly Note Divya Desam are divided in two part unlike other Divya desam in India , Mathura & Gokul is considered as one Divya Desam and Vrindavan & Goverdhan as Second Divya Desam . To visit Vrindavan Temple you will require to use Electric Vehicle as most of the temple are in small lanes and to visit Goverdhan Parvat with Nandgaon and Barsana you will require Guide . Guide facility can be arranged for the same.

1.Shree Krishna Janma Bhoomi- one of the divya desams
2.Dwarkadish temple
3.Vishram Ghat
4.Gokul – Naya Gokul
5.Raman Reti Temple - adjacent Karshni Ashram housing the ancient Raman Bihariji Temple
6.Chaurasi Khambha – purana Gokul- one of the divya desam- house of Nand Baba & Yashoda Maa where Lord Krishna lived first 5 years .
7. Brahmand ghat .
8. Yamuna Aarti Brahmand Ghat @raman reti Ashram with vedham and Upanishad chanting
9- Srimati Radharani Birth Place in Rawal - There is a small white marble temple built here where there is a deity of Radharani sitting in a baby pose. Opposite the temple is a beautiful well-maintained garden where you can see that there are two trees that are conjoined. The interesting thing about this is that one tree is black and the other one is white. The locals say that these two trees are none other than Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. From Gokul Raval is about 7 Kms – The main temple is 1.5 km in the interior from the highway

1.Govind Dev temple
2.Ranganathar temple – one of the divya desams – Rangamannar perumal 3.Nidhivan
4.Yamuna Ghat
5.Krishna’s Home
6.Banke Bihari temple
7.Radha Vallabh temple – half radha and half krishna
8.Prem Mandir
9.Isckon Temple

1.Pavan Sarovar – place where Krishna and all his friends and cows took holy bath
2.Nand gaon – krishna’s Residence from 5-10 years
3.Saran padi , Radha kund – radha takes bath
4.Moti Kund- where pearls were created by krishna to make moti necklace . there is a moti tree
5.Der Kadam – Krishna Calling all the cows playing his flute. And radha making sweet kheer and served as prasadam everyday
6.Krishna Kund- water body created by krishna , when his friends felt thirsty
7.Prem Sarovar – Kund filled with tears of Krishna and Radha rani
8.Kirti Mandir- similar to Prem Mandir

1.Barsana- radha rani’s place and temple Goverdhan – Goverdhan Parikrama 23 kms (3 hrs by e rickshaw or 8-9 hrs by foot )– one of the divya desams 1.Kusum Sarovar – Radha ranis meeting place with krishna in the pretext of collecting flowers .
2. Krishna’s step, Start of goverdhan parvad , shama kudi, Krishna Radha Jhulan , Krishna Radha Intertwined tree
3. Goaul Pakora- Van Bhojan
4.Mini Parikrama of Goverdhan – For people unable to complete the Parikrama of Goverdhan can do Mini Parikrama.
5. Manasi Ganga - The most sacred and the largest lake in Goverdhan town of Mathura is the Mansi Ganga Shri Krishna brought the river of Ganges to Goverdhan for his parents and other Brijwasis
6.Govind Kund – This is where Lord Indra bathed Lord Krishna and offered prayers to him, after Lord Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill. Indra prayed to Lord Krishna (origin of Shrinathji murti)
7. Punchari Ka Lautha – In Rajasthan part of Goverdhan Parikrama. It is dedicated to one of Lord Krishna’s cowherd friends named Lota Baba,
8.Uddhav Kund - dedicated to Uddhava, Lord Krishna’s dear cousin Uddhava came to Vrindavan to deliver the message of Lord Krishna to Gopis waiting for Lord Krishna.
9. Radha kund, Shyam Kund – Jugal Ghat – Kund Created from the Tears of Radhe Maa & Lord Krishna .
10. Raghunath Das Goswami Samadhi – Staunch devotee of Krishna.

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